Monday 22nd June

Last Thursday night was Creative Circle night and I'm delighted to say I was awarded a Bronze in the Editing category for my work on Rapha - Ride in the Rain.

Whilst winning any award is obviously a special moment for anyone this was particularly special as it was working with a Director (Thibaut Grevet from Knucklehead) whose work I had admired for a long time coupled with a brand (Rapha) that I have worn and also admired for a long time. 

From the beginning the idea was to avoid making the standard cycling film and to try to convey the relentless nature of cycling up a mountain through biblical rain with more abstract and unexpected cycling shots of rain and suffering all the while showing the Rapha jackets ability to deal with everything and keep the rider warm.

I was incredibly proud of the way the film finished up so for it to get recognition from Creative Circle was extra special.

Director: Thibaut Grevet

Production Company: Knucklehead

Producer: Ore Okonedo

Cinematographer: Quentin Devillers